Strange Happenings on the Dark Side of the Moon

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In 2008 we had an opportunity to work on a interesting project with the creator of the Moonjoos line of vodka jellos.

Moonjoos wanted to create an experience site where the legend of the brand could be developed. So working with our friends Digitalus we set to and devised a world on the dark side of the moon where men were tempted by beautiful maidens on earth, kidnapped and then set to work as slaves of the Moonjoos Corporation, mining, distilling and packaging the famous Moonjoos brand of vodka jellies. Read More

Facebook App Authorisation – Can We Steal Your Content?

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Facebook is getting saturated with various apps, the majority either mindless variants of farm, pet or city growing, or tiresome surveys/quizzes.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to create an application that can have impact in the real world. ”Giving Nature a Voice” is a Facebook based multi-petition application for Forest & Bird New Zealand. Their first petition was to encourage people to speak up and help prevent more mining of our conservation areas.  Read More

Momentum Client Area

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We regularly have the need to share assets with our clients  – videos, images, mock-ups, documents, etc. Instead of clogging up inboxes with huge files that can’t be easily found, or resorting to third parties such as yousendit we created a simple, clean online Client Area. It is extremely easy to use – it simply maps our local folders and files to a tasty interface. Read More