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Digital Signage – Ultimate Messaging Flexibility

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Momentum has a number of years experience with the installation, ongoing development and content creation for digital signage networks. As an example in 2005 we approached the TSB Bank about a digital signage network across their network of branches, and offered to work alongside them to manage the installation, help-desk, and the creation of content.

After gauging their initial interest, we set up a demonstration to showcase the hardware (screens and software), plus some digital content in the Banks house style.

This was well received, and in 2006 the Bank agreed to a trial, and settled on NEC PanelDirector software to schedule and distribute their content, and 46” LCD screens in portrait aspect to display their digital signage, for it’s head office branch in New Plymouth. The branch interior design didn’t cater for digital signage space, with limited wall space available, so custom display stands were built to contain the screens, in combination with a screen located in the shop-front window, therefore getting their marketing messages to pedestrians who are not necessarily their customers.

The trial period went very well for the Bank, in particular the street facing signage’s ability to attract new customers into the Bank to enquire about products and services. This gave the Bank confidence to deploy digital signage across all branches in their network.

Along with supplying the hardware to the Bank, Momentum supplies digital signage to the marketing department who in turn distributes the content throughout it’s network of branches. Together with the Bank, we’re constantly looking at ways to simplify the distribution of content and enhance the ability for the marketing department to make changes in-house to various components of the signage, keeping their costs to a minimum, but allowing for maximum flexibility as is the nature of changing rates and regulations in banking.

From time-to-time the marketing team lets us loose on a special product, giving us the opportunity to be creative using video and motion graphic effects, for example the launch of the TSB Bank’s new website needed something beautiful and interactive to be developed, Christmas of 2007 one lucky Bank customer received an Audi as stocking stuffer and to try and out do Santa, Easter bunny was very generous in 2008 with a  Mercede’s Benz to give away.

Some examples of these creatives can be found on our portfolio site

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