Momentum Client Area

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We regularly have the need to share assets with our clients  – videos, images, mock-ups, documents, etc. Instead of clogging up inboxes with huge files that can’t be easily found, or resorting to third parties such as yousendit we created a simple, clean online Client Area. It is extremely easy to use – it simply maps our local folders and files to a tasty interface.

Got a new client? Just create a new folder with their name, and paste your assets into it.
Then just send your client the nicely formatted URL to their project.

Videos are recognised automatically and wrapped into a custom player (with timecode).
For security, folders are easily locked by a password.

For a public demo, check it out here:

The client area is an inhouse bespoke PHP application. Get in contact if you are interested, it can be easily reskinned and deployed.

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