Money Grab – Escape From Your Old Bank With Cash

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1. moneygrab

As part of the [my]bank campaign TSB Bank asked Momentum Studios to work with them to create a game aimed at the younger demographic which would help encourage the uptake of the mobile application from new customers. After brainstorming a number of ideas the banks digital marketing specialist proposed a pennies from heaven concept.

The basic concept for the campaign was… [my]bank is giving you the power to bank the way you like… you don’t need your old bank any more. Try to retrieve as much of your money from your old bank as you can, and whatever you catch we will give you when you sign up.

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The challenge was how to create a playable game and make it seem fun, relatively easy and not bore the players before they had attempted to extract maximum cash rewards. It was also important to build in social sharing aspects so that the game could be as viral as possible. Players could tweet or allow the game to post scores on their wall in order to encourage others to beat them. The game was initially built in flash and we engaged the team at Spudd to develop it as closely as possible in iOS for iPhone and iPad. The site sniffed out the specific device and routed the user to whichever platform was most appropriate creating a seamless experience.3. moneygrab-c

All versions sent and received data from a central database that was controlled within the banks firewall, players could submit their details and high scores and would receive a unique token, both in game and emailed, which they could use to redeem for cash in their new accounts.

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The production has received a gold W3 Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts. You can play the flash version of the game here

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