Ko Ngāti Awa Te Toki

Ngāti Awa is an indigenous Māori tribe whose origins trace from early ancestors that lived in Aotearoa, New Zealand, since around 950AD. Over centuries, Ngāti Awa held influence over many parts of the country. Today, the ancestral homeland of Ngāti Awa is located within the eastern Bay of Plenty of the North Island.

In 1840, Ngāti Awa signed the Treaty of Waitangi which provided protection for the indigenous tribes of Aotearoa. However, in 1860, the most devastating events took place which included the wrongful imprisonment of Ngāti Awa men, confiscation of land, dislocation of Ngāti Awa people and the erosion of their culture and language. Since that time, Ngāti Awa sought redress for the wrongs and sufferings inflicted upon their people and with those grievances now settled, the focus for Ngāti Awa is firmly on working toward achieving the shared aspirations of their people for the future.