Strange Happenings on the Dark Side of the Moon

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In 2008 we had an opportunity to work on a interesting project with the creator of the Moonjoos line of vodka jellos.

Moonjoos wanted to create an experience site where the legend of the brand could be developed. So working with our friends Digitalus we set to and devised a world on the dark side of the moon where men were tempted by beautiful maidens on earth, kidnapped and then set to work as slaves of the Moonjoos Corporation, mining, distilling and packaging the famous Moonjoos brand of vodka jellies.

Most of the work was completed in-house with the dark moon caves and factory environments being modeled in Maya and layers built up in flash, similar to our other work with Canadian Club Whisky. Since the jellos are an RTD and targeted at the 18 to 24 year old market we decided to base the experience around a set of games.

As a slave you have to complete a series of tasks, firstly mining the rare moon rock for the secret ingredients, then mixing them correctly, before working in the packaging room distributing the product around the world. All the time you are cajoled and harrassed by the moon maiden who has become an evil slave driver with a particularly sharp tongue.

All tasks are completed you end up in the bar where you learn how to consume the jellos and presumably have achieved a rank worthy of being released back to earth.

The site received a lot of attention, statistics showed many game players from Asia and China in particular. It was shortlisted in the top five of the animation category of the 2008 Pixel Awards alongside our heroes Firstborn and Big Spaceship. It was eventually pipped by Firstborn’s Microsoft Zune Journey.


Go play and enjoy Moonjoos here

Original post – June 16th 2010

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