In 2005 a group of us like minded ‘dreamers’ were sitting in Govett Quilliam’s boardroom participating in a demo of NEC’s latest wiz bang interactive LCD screens and software, and Colleen Tuuta asks ‘how big do those TV’s get, and do they come with a truck, and what about a satellite’. This was the start of a really challenging and interesting journey, to see if we could indeed get a BIG TV on wheels for the Taranaki community.

From the outset we thought we didn’t really want a truck, but a trailer might be cool, and well the satellite can wait a while. After lots of investigation and research we knew what we were after, and we also established that we wanted it built in Taranaki ‘engineering Hollywood.’ The wish list consisted of a 40sq metre hydraulically operated LED screen, an integrated control room and production studio on a tri-axle trailer base.

We ran the numbers on the cost of building this behemoth, and enlisted the help of Venture Taranaki to give a robust test to our financial models. Small problem we needed $1.150 M for the capital purchase which was something we didn’t have in the piggy bank.

We approached the TSB Community Trust, TSB Bank, and the Taranaki Electricity Trust for their initial feedback and interest in the project. The TSB Community Trust were the most enthusiastic group to the idea of helping us make this dream come true.

In 2006 iTaranaki Trust received $1.3M (the largest donation ever awarded at the time) and subsequently awarded the design and build of the TSB Bank Superscreen to Engineering Taranaki Consortium.

As a result Taranaki is the envy of most regions as it remains the owner of the most advanced and best quality mobile big screen in New Zealand, available to the community well below commercial market rates.


Subsequently, Momentum was awarded the management contract to manage the screen on the Trust’s behalf. We also operated the outdoor production unit with the help of local freelance camera operators and vision mixers. In time we subcontracted local sound and vision company TSH to operate the screen on showdays, which turned out to be a enjoyable and comfortable experience.

In Feb 2007 the TSB Bank Superscreen was launched at Pukeariki Landing. Since then screen activity has grown and in 2008 the screen was very busy with more than 4o event days. She’s helped bring joy to many an event goer playing up as their image is portrayed on the enormous screen, and event coordinators, and their audiences alike seeing the highlights of their events shown on the screen.

For a number of reasons (I promise to share some soon!) its now time for both iTaranaki Trust and Momentum to relinquish the screen guardianship and management to another body.

Sport Taranaki Trust will now take over these roles, and we wish them all the luck and success that we’ve enjoyed with our involvement. So with this note we say good bye to the screen.


Finally, it’s about time us ‘dreamers’ got together again and started thinking up some new big ideas to turn into reality!

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